As a leading Structural Engineering firm, Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has the privilege of serving the premier architects, contractors, and developers throughout the Southeastern United States. We consistently deliver excellent, thorough designs within the project's scheduled time frame. Our approach to each project pulls from a vast background of experience in all major commercial building systems. 

The talented professional engineering staff of Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has worked for Architects in traditional design rolls, directly for Developers, and as consultants for General Contractors. 

Our depth of experience from participating in all these rolls enables us to bring the understanding of all the complexities and needs associated with the people involved, in designing and constructing a building. This knowledge makes it possible for us to develop a structural design that is cost effective, simple to build, and satisfies the aesthetic look and feel of the building. 

Below are the types of services we offer to our clients. To read a description, please click on the service. If you need more information regarding a specific service, please contact our office.


Educational Facilities

K-12 facilities throughout the state of Florida, as well as projects for Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Palm Beach State College, and Broward Community College are among our clientele. Our K-12 facilities include renovation work to existing buildings, classroom additions, and complete campus facilities with the majority of projects in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties. We have an ongoing contract to provide Structural Engineering Services to the Palm Beach County School District. 

Most recently on the University level, we have completed a number of dorm projects and campus buildings for Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and the Huizenga Center for Free Enterprises at Broward Community College. 

Health Care and Research Facilities

We have designed numerous new MRI facilities; many have opened in existing buildings. Existing building facilities often require creating a large opening in the exterior wall to allow the equipment to be installed. Our vast knowledge of building systems facilitates this process. 

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has been involved in many hospital renovation projects that require additions and renovation to the building structure. We understand the phasing process in these projects to maintain operations.

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. is the Engineer of Record for the Max Planck Florida Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida.

Cultural and Institutional

Johnson Structural Group, Inc has completed award winning Libraries and Museum projects in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties. These projects encompass renovations, additions, as well as new design/build structures. Hagen Ranch Road Branch Library, for example, is a Tilt-up Concrete Association Excellence in Achievement award winner. 

Transportation and Aviation

Johnson Structural Group, Inc has designed parking garages from 2 to 10 levels for both public and private entities. Maximizing building size on a limited capacity site requires the cost effective design of a parking garage. Our engineering staff is fluent in designs using precast, cast-in-place, and post tension systems. One of our award-winning garage designs uses tilt-up panels and precast tee floors. 

We have designed airplane hangars and FOB buildings for Executive Airports including the Kendall-Tamiami Airport in Dade County.


From simpler chain hotels to larger hotel towers, our knowledge of major building systems allows us to incorporate the best structural system for the product. Cast in place floors, tunnel form, and precast floors are all systems we have designed for various hotels. 

Porte-cocheres from a simple entrance feature to elaborate steel structures are also part of our port folio.

Retail and Mixed Use Facilities

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has designed strip shopping centers, life style centers, and multi-story centers. Major tenant designs include Applebee's, BJ's Wholesale Club, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, Ross, and Starbucks, just to name a few. Design systems vary based on user and owner requirements but include tilt-up, masonry, and steel structures. The mixed use facilities we have designed often require an understanding of multiple structural systems and how they come together to create the most cost effective building.

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has designed many new car dealerships in the South Florida and Tampa area. Some examples of these include Mercedes Benz of West Palm Beach, Ferrari of West Palm Beach, Rick Case Volkswagen, Rick Case Kia, Renovation work on various Napleton Group Dealerships, Renovation work on Ed Morse Family of car dealerships.

Office Buildings and Warehouses

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has designed numerous office buildings for developers as well as corporate facilities for single users. We are one of the first companies in Florida designing multi story buildings using load bearing tilt-up panels. We have also designed key facilities using precast and steel floor systems with precast, metal stud, and masonry exteriors. Tilt-up panels and bar joist roof typifies warehouse construction and is one of our specialties of design. Our engineers know how to simplify the lateral design requirements for these buildings to create the most cost effective building design.

Religious Facilities

Designs for places of worship are always a task of designing a cost effective roof structure to allow for a clear open space for congregation. Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has worked on small community churches that are simple structures that fit into a neighborhood, as well as Religious Facilities that seat more than 2300 members in the sanctuary. We work closely with the architect to ensure the most cost effective structure is achieved without compromising the overall vision for the place of worship. One such example is the St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Delray Beach, Florida (an achievement in excellence award winner with TCA).

Multi-Family Housing and Dorms

Our vast townhouse project experience has utilized almost every common commercial floor system. We have used Cast-in-place concrete, Filigree, Hambro, Bar joist, Precast hollow core planks, and Wood truss floor systems. The system type was selected based on product, cost, availability, and the contractor's expertise within each system. 

Johnson Structural Group, Inc. also designed large dorm projects for Florida Atlantic University, Barry University, and Florida International University encompassing more than 3000 beds in multiple mid-rise towers on each campus.

Renovation and Re-Development

Providing a new look or re-working an existing facility for a new tenant always presents challenges to working with the existing structure. Our experience is vast from re-working an exterior walkway façade to completely renovating an existing building. We have created new openings, removed walls and columns, added interior mezzanines, created new cores in large office buildings, and designed independent tower features. Our town and city redevelopment work includes designing new common outdoor spaces and facilities for the public.

Tilt-up Panel Specialty Engineer

Our expertise in tilt-up panel design is exemplified by more than a dozen Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA) awards. We work with major tilt-up contractors to complete tilt-up panel designs and prepare panel shop drawings. We have been brought into numerous projects to "Value Engineer" a masonry design and convert it into tilt-up construction.

Precast Component Designs

Our office uses the Leap Presto suite of software to complete precast, prestressed component designs. We work with the precast contractor to design components based on his casting bed layouts and capabilities. Shop drawings are prepared based on their standards for production.

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