Johnson Structural Group, Inc. has designed award-winning projects using Masonry, Tilt-Up, and Concrete Construction with Composite Beam, Cast-in-place, Precast Joist and Soffit Beam, Hollow Core, Double Tee, Aurea, and Post-Tension floor systems.

Here are some of our recent awards:

Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church – Delray Beach, Florida
2013 TCA Excellence in Achievement Award Winner

This project was originally designed by others as a masonry building with additional metal studs applied to the exterior to create the “layers” in the façade. This construction method was very costly and also not robust for the South Florida climate. Working with the GC, Houlihan Construction, the building was converted from masonry to load bearing tilt-up panels. The main entrance in the front was achieved by layering tilt-up panels with returns to create the deep recesses. Over the main worship area rests a 30 foot diameter dome panel. There were also some smaller half dome panels used over the niches on the sides of the church. LINK

FAU Innovation Village Apartments – Boca Raton, Florida
2011 TCA Excellence in Achievement Award Winner

With on-campus housing in high demand, FAU Boca Raton added 1216 beds to the campus with this double building, multi-story project. This project was fast tracked from the start of design in the beginning of 2010. After value engineering systems, tunnel form construction for the units with tilt-up exterior wall panels for cladding was selected for the project. To create common spaces on the ground floor that were open, the second floor became a transfer slab to receive the tunnel walls for the remaining units.
This project broke ground in March 2010 with the vibro-compaction process for the soil improvement. Accelerated construction had the entire structure topped out with all the exterior walls attached beginning of October 2010. This made it possible for an August 2011 opening to students. LINK

LA Fitness – Boca Raton
2011 TCA Achievement Award Winner

Site constraints for this building prevented having the building on grade so the building was elevated to allow for parking below the building. This led to 50 foot tall tilt-up panels to achieve the interior clear height requirements for the basketball and racket ball courts. The swimming pool was installed on the main gym level requiring special design considerations for the exterior tilt-up walls. The main entrance feature is a large glass entry in a curved front façade. The curved panels adjacent to the entry are cast at an 84 foot radius.
The building corner also features a curved glass and panel element with the panel spandrels cast on an 11 foot radius and connected to panel columns. Steel joists were used for the internal cardio mezzanine as well as the roof. Precast joists were used for the main floor system. LINK

Keiser University at Dolphin Commerce Center – Miami, Florida
2011 TCA Achievement Award Winner

Keiser University’s newer building in Miami features a 3-story classroom building supported by a 3-story parking garage. Both buildings utilize load bearing tilt-up panels and precast joist concrete floors and roof. The buildings have protruding tower features that accentuate the main entrances. As part of the design process, the owner was concerned with the mechanical equipment on the roof and its susceptibility to hurricane force winds. A wind tunnel test was performed modeling the building with and without mechanical screen walls to protect the equipment. This forward thinking allowed us to design tilt-up screen walls that would create a roof enclosure. LINK

Nova Southeastern University at The Pointe – West Palm Beach, Florida
2011 TCA Achievement Award Winner

This new 4-story educational facility is constructed along I-95 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The predominant frontage inspired the architect to create a gentle curved façade to the building. The contractor had to radius the 65 foot tall panels to meet the building radius of 350 feet. Constructed with composite steel beam floor system and a bar joist roof system, these systems allowed the contractor to quickly erect the framing. Located in the building corner, the main entrance has a curved tilt-beam over the top of the curtain wall glass that is supported by steel columns buried in the glass system. LINK


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